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  • Wishing all our valued clients a Happy 2018

    As we move ahead into 2018 we would like to thank each and every one of our clients that have supported iPromote over the past years.We certainly trust that we met with your expectations. 


    John Cloete



  • Trending Promotional Products - May 2017

    With an ever changing market, designers and manufacturers are always working on new an innovative product ideas that can compliment your brand, product or business service. Here are some ideas that are making there mark in the Promotional Products industry.

    Promo Spinners


    Great For Fidgety Hands, ADD & ADHD Sufferers Helps Relieve Stress
    Perfect size suitable for Adults and kids
    Easy To Carry,Small,Simple,Discrete and Fun,also effective for Focus and Deep Thought
    MOQ is 250 units


    Fun Fidget Cubes 6 Sided Cube Adult Anxiety Stress Relief Cube Toy



    An unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy designed to help you focus. Fidget at work, in class, and at home in style. • It's specifically designed for people who can't keep their fingers still, and whether you're a clicker, a flicker, a roller or a spinner, the cube has something to satisfy every type of fidgeter. • An addicting, high quality fidget toy to help you stay or get focused.Great for kids and adults.

    MOQ is 250 units




  • 5 Ways to Use Promotional Items to Promote Your Business

    Marketing is an integral part of any business strategy. And how effective you are at it largely determines how much edge you have over the competition. But, always keep in mind that your competition is probably using the same marketing rule-book as you. So, to gain that edge, and remain on top, it might just be in your best interests to leave the beaten path and try a different – and maybe, unusual – approach to marketing.
    Giving away promotional items is one such unusual approach. It gets your products into your customer’s hands. This gives you free advertising and better still, guarantees customer loyalty. Here is how to use promotional items effectively.


    1) Use Promotional Items at Work
    Your employees should be the first to market your products and services. Get them to wear promotional items like branded t-shirts to work. Customers are likely to enquire about your services if they get a visible reminder of what you do. And if your product line includes something that your employees can use daily at work, use it. Don’t forget to hand out promotional material during team-building events involving your employees.


    2) Give Promotional Items to Your Customers
    Everyone loves freebies, so use this to your advantage. After generating interest by wearing promotional items to work, get the items into the hands of your customers. You could give out custom printed bumper stickers, jackets, t-shirts and duffle bags to name a few.
    And do not just target customers who show up at your business premises, target your social media followers as well. When customers love your promotional items, two things happen. One, they become great advocates for your products and services. And two, they remain loyal to your brand for years to come.


    3) Give Promotional Items to Your Sales Team
    Another use of promotional items is to motivate your sales team. Set sales targets and when a sales person reaches one, give him or her something like a branded jacket. By doing so, you kill two birds with one stone. Your sales crew works much harder to market your product because they stand to gain. And, the promotional items they wear pitch in and do some advertising of their own too.


    4) Give out Promotional Items at Company-Sponsored Events
    Giving out free merchandise should extend beyond your employees, sales team and customers. You must reach out to potential customers also. Be generous with freebies during company-sponsored events such as sales cruises, picnics or PR events to leave a lasting impact on people.


    5) Use Promotional Items at Trade Fairs
    Trade fairs give your business more exposure than company sponsored events. Some even have an international audience. So, when participating in one, ensure that those attending the fair get a company branded duffle bag, pen or t-shirt. Only ensure that the items are of the best quality possible. Remember, you have one chance to make a good first impression.


    The use of promotional items as marketing tools is widely overlooked by most entrepreneurs. They instead tend to stick to tried-and-tested marketing strategies. And although some consider giving away promotional material as an added expense, it is an effective marketing tool, and, thus, a worthwhile investment.


  • Cell Phone Wallets

    Cell Phone Wallets are a convenient way for people to store their identification, credit cards and cash when going out and not wanting to carry their purse or wallet. It attaches to the back of the cell phone and provides easy access to their cards when needed. You can have your company logo and contact information imprinted on the wallet to market your business while supplying your customer with a helpful and clever tool to make their life on the go-- easier. Great for storing business cards too! Go Shopping

  • Knowing everything about Promotional Helium Balloons

    Helium, the magic gas that allows us to pump up promotional balloons and to let them go in the sky.
    Here is a summary of everything you need to know to organize successful events with a wonderful balloon decoration.


    Helium is a gas (low responsive), colourless, odourless, non-toxic and non-flammable. This gas was discovered in 1868 by a French astronomer named Jules Janssen. Helium gas is completely innocuous, besides it’s used for medical use mixed with other gasses.


    Helium is 7 times lighter than air (that’s why inflated helium balloons fly), 50 times more compressible than water, has a thermal conductivity 5 times bigger than air and helium outspreads through solid body 3 times faster than air. This is THE major information to keep in mind because it means inflated helium balloons will not stay inflated as long as air inflated balloons. At this point, balloons’ quality is major. Of course, the cheaper your balloons will be, the thinner the latex will be as well (if it’s real latex)
    Clearly, if you’re organising a party and want to inflate balloon with helium, never decide to inflate the balloons the previous day to anticipate or your balloons will be deflated the D Day. It’s very important, while you use helium, to inflate your balloons at the latest moment. To give you an estimate, I’d say inflated helium balloons remain inflated approximately 11 to 15 hours.

    We already said it, balloons’ quality is very important for the gas quickness to evaporate. Mylar is more resistant than latex, it preserves helium 7 times longer than classic latex balloons.

    The DUCK VOICE produced when we inhale helium is due to the fact that helium replace the air in our respiratory tracts. As helium is less dense than air we usually breathe, the sound quickness is faster. The respiratory tracks will vibrate faster and sounds will have a higher frequency. As a result, we’ll get a high-pitched and nasal voice. You’ll find here a good example with the famous Morgan Freeman video and the fabulous Dolce & Gabbana advertisement.

    All right, you now know the main things about inflated helium balloons. Keep in mind to choose balloons of good quality, ask iPromote for any assistance

  • Promotional Power banks - Power up your Brand

    Your mobile phone gets a flat battery at the worst moment? When your are waiting for this important call, or about to meet a friend, or even when you are lost in a city you don’t know, and you can’t access Google Maps because your battery is lower than the sea level! We all have those failed moments with our beloved phone !

    And while I am writing, I realise how addicted we have become to our Smartphones, tabs, and all member of the electronic devices family! We are so dependent and over-connected that the smallest disconnection is stressful and uncomfortable.

    Happily, a new product have seen the light to give an effective solution to the « low-battery problem »: the Promotional power bank!

    The promotional power bank, also called external battery charger or powerbank is a portable emergency charger to carry with you everywhere to give an extra shot of power for all your electronic devices.

    WHAT IS IT ?
    A promotional power bank is essentially a battery that stores and transfers power to your devices thanks to a USB /micro US cable. There are many different models and capacities from 1400 mAh to up to 30 000 mAh. The bigger the capacity of your promotional power bank is, the more you will recharge your phone.
    To give you an example, an Iphone 4 ‘s battery is 1420 mAh. A 4000 mAh promotional power bank would recharge completely your iphone 2.25 times!

    For most promotional power banks, about 20% of its capacity is consumed during the charging process. Here is a simple formula to know how many times you will recharge your phone with a promotional power bank : (capacity of the promotional power bank in mAh x 80% ) / Capacity of your Smartphone/device in mAh

    To use a promotional power bank, you only have to connect it via the USB cable to a power source, charge it completely, then take it with you wherever you go and use it to recharge your mobile devices when the battery threatens to give-up and tadaaaa! An extra shot of power for your phone! Some precious hours of phone calls, google mapping, texting, and access to the World Wide Web!

    As you can see, a promotional power bank is a very useful product! Furthermore, a quality promotional power bank has a long-lasting life as they offer a minimum of 500 charging cycles, which represent years of good services.
    Last but not least, it’s universal. It can be used with all of the electronic devices that are manufactured nowadays thanks to the universal USB cable for all Mac products and any other brand!
    In other words, it possesses the 3 highest assets a great promotional product must have for Kiwi consumers!
    If you are looking for doing some promotional power banks for you company, association or event, please click here and discover our power banks full range.
    And for any question, or need of any kind regarding promotional products, please contact-us!

  • How to Market your Brand with USB sticks


    Whether you’re at an exhibition, simply meeting a client for the first time, or sending a gift in the post — Printed USB’s can get you noticed & remembered. USB’s are reusable, portable & extremely useful items. According to research from the British Promotional Merchandise Association, branded flash drives lead the way as the item that recipients find most useful.

    When considering a ROI (Return on investment) or the potential for increased brand awareness, printed USB’s could well be the ideal promotional product. This is due to their proven useful nature, durability & combined with the fact that product recipients feel they would keep a USB longer than any other item, ensures maximum exposure. This is research reiterated by in ‘Printed USB Sticks; the Facts, Figures & Research’ info graphic.

    Top Tip

    Memory sticks can be pre-loaded with data such as music, images, videos & documents. Preloading data can be a very , effective marketing tool as you are not only gaining exposure from the branded USB itself, but also from the stored files. Whether it be a video demonstrating a new product, a brochure or maybe a podcast.

    Options for pre-loaded USB’s include

    1. Standard pre-loaded – can be edited & deleted
    2. Non-erasable – can’t be edited or deleted
    3. Non-erasable autorun – can’t be edited or deleted, files added will automatically run when the flash drive is inserted.
    If you’re going to pre-load data, make sure the files are in a standardised file format that all everyone can open & use!

    Recommended Formats include

    – PDF’s for a literature such as brochures & text documents
    – JPEG / PNG / GIF for pictures
    – MP3 for audio & music
    – MPEG1 for videos, this will work on all PC’s but the quality can be low with a high file size – consider a hyper link to a YouTube or Vimeo page.

  • Promotional T-shirts...Did You Know

    Did you know…T-shirts!

    Did you know…

    – It takes 9.65kilometers of yarn to make one T-Shirt…and it takes only 1 acre of a cotton field to yield 1200 T-shirts.

    – In 1939, the first promotional T-Shirt was printed for “The Wizard of Oz”

    – 91% of Americans claim to own a favorite T-Shirt. 62% say they own more than 10 T-Shirts.

    Work uniforms, Events, Team spirit and advertising are just a few uses for custom printed T-Shirts! With a wide variety of colors, styles and fabrics, we have the perfect shirt for you! Contact us today to learn more!