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By John Cloete 10 months ago 102 Views No comments

If you're confused about why vector art matters and why you should care about it, then you're in the right place. Knowledge is power, and we guarantee you'll feel incredibly empowered after reading this guide and learning exactly what vector art is, why it's so important, and how it relates to graphic design, company logos, and promotional products.

What's that you say? You'd prefer to learn about vector artwork by watching a video instead? We've got you covered. You asked; we listened. If you're more of a visual learner and are lucky enough to have speakers at your desk, check out the clip below:

Got an old USB flash drive? 20 great ideas on how to use it

By John Cloete 10 months ago 201 Views No comments

Image result for assorted usb thumb drives

USB flash drives are the most convenient way to transfer files from one computer to another, but if you have an old USB flash drive that you don’t use for file transfer anymore, you can use it for several other things.

What to do with old USB flash drive?

Run an antivirus software from USB flash drive

If you have an infected PC that you cannot access, sometimes you can remove the problem by running the antivirus scan from your USB flash drive. Many antivirus solutions offer USB or CD recovery tools, so find the antivirus you wish to use, download USB or CD recovery image, and use it to create a bootable USB flash drive that you can use to remove viruses and other malware from your computer.

Employee Engagement – and Promotional Products?

By John Cloete 10 months ago 82 Views No comments

Look anywhere on LinkedIn or in other business publications and you will find content and statistics related to the importance of employee engagement – keeping your workforce happy. Until recently, employee engagement was often just an afterthought. Yet, over the past decade, there has been an enormous shift in how companies define satisfied and engaged employees. Historically, this only meant competitive salaries, yet those days are long gone. Today, employees look for good salary, nice office space, flexible time offerings, work from home options, wellness programs, incentives, team activities and recognition programs to name a few. Basically – treat employees like people, not numbers or machines.

Thoughts from a Millennial about Promotional Products Branding

By John Cloete 10 months ago 93 Views No comments

The promotional products you choose to target Millennial-aged employees and prospects are very different than the ones you have traditionally used for – well – the older generations. Millennial's are a force in the business world now. As of 2015, this generation of hyper connected individuals was the majority of the workforce and by 2030, we’ll make up 75% of it. I know it’s scary!

Why You Need a Promotional Marketing Agency

By iPromote 10 months ago 75 Views No comments

Let’s say you have a major promotional marketing campaign geared around an upcoming trade show. The show is a major part of your annual marketing and sales planning, and an opportunity for you to find new leads and customers. That means you have to get it right.

Do you own REAL ESTATE on your customers desk?

By iPromote 10 months ago 54 Views No comments

Many of your customers have a desk they sit at every day. Most customers spend more of their waking time there than anywhere else. Do you own any of their mind share while they are working? How do you cut through the advertising clutter to reach your customer? There is one simple way and they will actually thank you for it.

Is E-Commerce Taking Over the Promo Space? (Maybe the Emperor Has No Clothes?)

By iPromote 11 months ago 143 Views No comments

The news keeps coming:

“Amazon is getting in the promotional products space.”

“Walmart is now in the promotional products space.”

And the latest (as of this writing):

The saber rattling is so deafening from these large brands entering the promotional products business because they typically come with an e-commerce promise that threatens to destroy all of our businesses.

But why do these large brands, and e-commerce in general, seem like such a threat?

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